Upload file to the Moku file system

User can upload files to files to bitstream, persist or ssd directories. If using the REST API directly, these directories form the group name in the URL and the filename follows the upload command; e.g. /api/persist/upload/<filename>. No Client Key is required (ownership doesn't need to be taken).

When using either of the clients, user can access this function directly from instrument reference.

# bitstream Directory

Used for instrument logic. This is the destination to which one must upload Moku Cloud Compile bitstreams before they can be deployed.

# persist, ssd Directories

Data Logger output directory and general storage. It's rare that the user will want to load files in to these locations, but the function is supported if required.


string required
Target directory to access
allowed values:ssd, persist, bitstream
string required
Name of the file to upload
bytes required
Data to upload

Usage in clients,